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Jonathan Picks: Popcorn plus pickles = nirvana.

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Ally's Pick: Winter is coming -- the more cold weather gear, the better.

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London's Pick: As if Major Darling's mission weren't enough reason to support this brand, I absolutely love the look of these two-patterened dog bandannas. I know my pup would look so handsome in them, and it would make a great gift for fellow dog owners.

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Laura's Pick: Perfect for any Austinite or general lover of Texas, this print gives me the warm fuzzies. I just love looking at all the little icons of the Lone Star State.

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Hanna's Pick: Each bottle makes 8-10 cockails, and with four in a bundle, this is an amazing deal with great flavors.

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Mitch's Pick: The flavors sound delicious and bring a unique twist to some of my favorite cocktails. Plus, I love that I can control how strong my drink will be.

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Kate's Pick: Trippy Outdoor chairs are great for around the fire pit in my backyard — as well as modular and lightweight to take to tailgates or Concert in the Garden.

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Rebecca's Pick: The design is the perfect match-up of what locals are about. There's a big biking community in Fort Worth that I think would love this design.

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Nicole's Pick: I'm a big fan of Mango, and although you shouldn't eat this, the smell is just as delicious

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Shea's Pick: Because I have two mischevious cats and two destructive dogs in my house, I have a fake Christmas tree — so I'm always burning a ton of forest-scented candles in winter to pretend otherwise.

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Charmaine's Pick: This one is for my husband. He's sure to love its milk chocolatey goodness.

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Nicholas' Pick: This sweater has all the nostaligc colors of San Antonio and reminds me of home, plus it will keep you warm all winter long.

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Adriana's Pick: This is the perfect gift for your beer or setlzer-loving person in your life. You can take this mini cooler to the river or over to a friend's house to watch a Spurs game.

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