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Discover the heart of Nashville, TN in every locally crafted gift. Where each purchase directly supports our community's talented creators, making your gift a meaningful connection to the soul of our city.

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Local Nashville Brands

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5 Ways Your Purchase Makes an Impact

All Natural Delights

Our curated selection ensures that your purchases are free from harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier lifestyle for you and a cleaner environment for all.

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Eco-Friendly Elegance

From packaging choices that prioritize recyclability to products that are sustainably produced, each item you buy speaks volumes about your support for a greener world.

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Proudly Made in USA

Our handpicked local brands and artists embody the spirit of ingenuity that thrives within our country, contributing to job creation and economic growth right here at home.

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Sustainably Sourced

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can enjoy premium quality without compromising the environment, making your purchase a responsible choice that echoes through generations.

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Gifts with a Heart

Some of our products even contribute a portion of their sales to charitable causes, reflecting your desire to make a positive impact beyond just acquiring beautiful items. With Six and Main, your gifts truly give back.

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A wellness brand that delivers a daily dash of adaptogens through organic cold brew coffee.

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Brittle Brothers

Offering more nuts than most other companies, and coating them in a sweet, buttery layer of golden brittle, Brittle Brothers gourmet brittles are perfectly delicious.

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Centennial Park

Apparel that supports the Centennial Park Conservancy; a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with Nashville's Metro Parks to preserve and program our city's historic central park and Parthenon museum which have been essential parts of Nashville for more than a century.

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COCO CADEAUX represents a haven of hospitality that celebrates purpose and creativity. We offer hand-poured candles, made in-house, as well as carefully curated products we feel will elevate your hosting, serving, and gifting needs.

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey Roasting Co is a Specialty Coffee Roaster in Nashville, TN. specializing in bringing you the finest coffees in the world by expertly roasting carefully selected beans.

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Les Deux

Les Deux fragrances are meant to be worn by anyone. Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | Phthalate Free

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Quentin's Sauce

Anyone can do spicy. What we had was a desire to create a sauce that was not only spicy, but bold, sweet, and savory all at once. Since no other sauce on the market was getting it done, we came up with our own.

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Roosevelt Supply Co

Highest quality products from premium materials that make a full line of grooming products, candles, fragrances and accessories all inspired by National Parks.

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The Roosevelts Candle Co

The Roosevelts Candle Co. strives to capture the essence of our favorite National Parks and wilderness areas in our products’ scent and design.

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Tennessee Peanut Co

Southern roasted and dessert peanuts that bring home the taste of Tennessee Hill Country.

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Valentina Harper

This Venezuelan artist spends countless happy hours playing with her paints and her Rapidograph pens. Her love for artworks with little intricate details are a signature of her own drawing style.

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