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Discover the heart of Asheville, NC in every locally crafted gift. Where each purchase directly supports our community's talented creators, making your gift a meaningful connection to the soul of our city.

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5 Ways Your Purchase Makes an Impact

All Natural Delights

Our curated selection ensures that your purchases are free from harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier lifestyle for you and a cleaner environment for all.

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Eco-Friendly Elegance

From packaging choices that prioritize recyclability to products that are sustainably produced, each item you buy speaks volumes about your support for a greener world.

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Proudly Made in USA

Our handpicked local brands and artists embody the spirit of ingenuity that thrives within our country, contributing to job creation and economic growth right here at home.

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Sustainably Sourced

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can enjoy premium quality without compromising the environment, making your purchase a responsible choice that echoes through generations.

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Gifts with a Heart

Some of our products even contribute a portion of their sales to charitable causes, reflecting your desire to make a positive impact beyond just acquiring beautiful items. With Six and Main, your gifts truly give back.

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Botanical Bones

Botanical Bones is a superfood dog treat brand. Our treats are made with superfoods, adaptogens and peanut butter - they taste and smell so good that even picky dogs love them!

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Drunk Girl Art

Marilyn creates playful paintings about booze, beer, wine, whiskey, spirits, brands, coffee and cats.

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Fuel Goods

Here at Fuel Goods, you’ll find hand-picked products for workouts and life. And the convenience of getting them delivered on a schedule that works for you so you never run out. It's fueling made simple.

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Jeff Pittman Art

Artist Jeff Pittman is never short on inspiration for his colorful oil paintings. He is primarily known for his dramatic skies, panoramic mountain vistas, and small town area street scenes.

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LuLu & Oliver

LuLu & Oliver is a soy-based candle line prides itself in having a thoughtful approach to the small batch process as well as having eco-friendly products.

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Marble & Steel

Marble & Steel Craft Chocolates specializes in chocolate bonbons, chocolate bars, custom orders and a variety of specialty confections.

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Matcha Nude

Matcha Nude offers affordable premium grade organic, non-gmo Japanese matcha in 100% compostable packaging. Our matcha is naturally soft and sweet in flavor and doesn't need additional sweeteners.

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The Pirani Insulated Stackable Tumbler was designed to make convenience less wasteful and help put a stop to the 500-billion disposable cups wasted around the world each year. It’s as if your red solo cup and favorite insulated cup had a baby!

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Sarilla is an alcohol-free sparkling beverage available in six organic flavors and made with nourishing, regenerative ingredients that help you tap into your inner power.

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SleepSwag is a luxury lifestyle brand changing the way the world sleeps.

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Sourhouse is on a mission to help people bake more sourdough bread. We design tools that simplify sourdough baking and that will earn a proud spot on your counter.

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Spicewalla offers 250+ spices and exclusive blends roasted, ground, and packed by hand in their Asheville factory. Taste & Believe.

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Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman Designs deconstructs photographs of Asheville and rebuilds them as mandalas. In the past 2 years these mandala images have evolved into a clothing and umbrella line.

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The RunnerBox & The RiderBox

What started as a side hustle to supplement our professional racing careers has turned into a small business that has helped over 100K athletes reach their goals. We’re honored to be a part of your journey and still get excited about every box we ship that helps you #FuelYourPhenomenal

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