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Ben's Pick: The simple geometric design and appealing colors of this pillow would look good on my couch — and maybe yours.

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Cambrie's Pick: The BEST kind of latte is a chai latte (I stand by what I said). This one blends my favorite hot beverage with my favorite city — the perfect pairing, if you ask me.

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Jordan's Pick: Nothing like a glass of whiskey and the latest issue of SACtoday to unwind after a long day.

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Madeline's Pick: Is there anything better than a comfy sweatshirt as the chill sets in? I personally like the royal blue -- simple enough to go with a lot, but still presents an interesting pop of color. And reppin' Sac Town, of course.

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Michael's Pick: San Diego Mug: I love waking up with local news and coffee, and this mug helps me celebrate my love of those two things.

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Monica's Pick: Torrey Pines is of my favorite hiking spots in SD, and so great in the winter when the weather is cooler

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Alina's Pick: Ball caps are a must living in the PNW, and I love the acknowledgement that we all deserve to have a little beauty in our lives.

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Gabe's Pick: Eco-friendly product and Olympic has a PNW ring to it

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Alyson's Pick: Sip on an Old Fashioned in this new-fashioned glass — while repping your favorite local newsletter, of course.

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Gregg's Pick: It's impossible to go a day without your daily dose of caffiene. And rocking that local flavor while enjoying that local flavor is a must.

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