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Support a fresh approach to Kansas City news.

The gift of your membership is a powerful way to support our mission — to fill your morning news read with the breaking Kansas City stories you need and want to know, without weighing you down by the ones you don’t (read: politics and crime).

By giving today, you’ll directly support our free KCtoday newsletter. You’ll also officially be added to our membership club — a group of news-savvy, passionate individuals proud of what Kansas City has to offer.

As thanks, we’ll shower you with perks. Think: birthday shoutouts in our newsletter, discounts on local merchandise from our Six & Main store, and even more that we hope to announce shortly.

Support us directly with a gift of membership today to deepen our roots as Kansas City’s source for relevant, engaging, and uplifting local news.

If you have any questions, please email membership@theKCtoday.com
  • Birthday Deals - a special discount code will be sent out on your birthday for our online shop Six & Main. 
  • Featured as a Supporter on our members page.
  • Insider information about the team and content and more delivered in a quarterly members only email.
  • Select upcoming content for the Newsletter. Members will be invited to vote on content topics and submit content ideas in the quarterly members only email.

Why should I become a member?

You should become a member because you love what we do and want to support our work. Purchasing a membership will ensure that we can keep our newsletters a free (No Paywall) news and events source for you and your neighbors. 

Membership benefits include birthday deals, discounts on local merchandise from our Six & Main store, shoutouts on our member wall, insider information from our team, and more – we have big plans for our membership program over the next year. 

Is it easy to change or cancel my membership?

Yes, it’s easy. Just email us, membership@6amcity.com, to let us know you would like us to turn off auto-renewal. We do not issue returns for memberships.

Does my membership expire?

Memberships last for one year and renew automatically. If you selected the “one-time” option, memberships will expire one year from your last activation.

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